Underlay Insulation

Under ceramic tile flooring - Laying on screed

1. Floor Slab

2. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro

3. Flanking strips

4. Levelling layer

5. Isolmant resilient met (Special o UnderPlus Black.E o UnderSpecial o BiPlus)

6. Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant (Tecnica Doppio Spessore o Tecnica Reticolata)

7. Screed

8. Resilient met Isolmant IsolTile

9. Finishing


When renovating a place, a private user basically tries to improve two features: aesthetics and comfort. When renovating a flooring, the acoustic insulation is fundamental for those who walk on the floor and for the neighbours. The insertion of an insulating underlay under any kind of flooring is essential to ensure an adequate acoustic comfort. The underlay should be selected based on the flooring system and according to the installation technique that has been considered as the most suitable.

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