Underlay Insulation

Ultra-low thickness hot water underfloor heating system

1. Floor slab

2. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro

3. Isolmant flanking strips

4. Levelling layer

5. Isolmant resilient mat (Special or UnderPlus Black.E or UnderSpecial o BiPlus)

6. Screed

7. Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Doppio Spessore

8. Underfloor heating and cooling panel

9. Isolmant resilient mat (IsolTile, Top o Top Adesivo)

10. Finishing


Today very low-thickness underfloor heating systems have been developed, which provide for the insertion of the insulating material above the panel itself. These systems find space especially in the field of restructuring, because they allow you to work on the existing flooring by creating a small but complete and highly efficient stratigraphy over it. The goal is to improve the energy performance of a building through a renovated flooring, and its reduced thickness becomes a key point both on a structural level - to avoid adding extre weight on the base slab and the underlying structures - and on a functional level - to avoid extra works on flooring as lifting the doors. These are technologically very advanced structures, which require the use of dry installation panels in some cases the housing of the heating system, through a milling system, in order to create a zero thickness system.

In this situation, the choice of insulation depends mainly on the type of flooring to install and kind of installation:
- Isolmant IsolTile: for glued ceramic tile or wooden flooring finish
- Isolmant Top: for floating fnish (wooden, laminate or LVT)
- Isolmant Top Adesivo: for mixed/hybrid finish (wooden, laminate or LVT)

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