Installations Noise Insulation

Plumbing noise insulation and vibrations isolation

1 Plaster
2 Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro
3 Wall leaf
4 Mortar
5 Plumbing and pipes installation
6 Isolmant barrier (Piombo)
7 Isolmant fiber panel (Fibra LC)
8 Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro

9 Wall leaf
10 Plaster


Pipes and tubing are noise sources which are more and more present in buildings. The correct approach in pipe laying should consider the presence of a dedicated "cavity wall" where tubing are gathered and correctly insulated. Acoustic insulation consists in wrapping Isolmant Piombo (or Isolmant Piombo 10+3) around each pipe, mainly the drainage sustems, to reduce airborne and structural sound propagation. The cavity wall must then be filled with lightweight fiber like Isolmant Fibra LC which decreases the acoustic energy inside it.

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