False Wall Applications

Light steel frame walls and false wall

1 Plaster
2 Existing mansonry
3 Mortar
4 Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro IsolGypsum
5 Metallic frame
6 Isolmant Nastro Orditura Cartongesso
7 Isolmant fiber panel (Perfetto CG or Perfetto RB)

8 Plasterboard
9 Isolmant IsolGypsum Gomma


The acoustic and thermal insulation of lightweight plasterboard walls on metal framework is achieved by creating acoustically performing systems that provide for the installation of suitable fibrous material within the metal frame. In this regard, Isolmant offers Isolmant Perfetto CG panels. A product specifically designed to be placed inside the metal warping of light walls, where, thanks to the morphological structure with differentiated density in thickness, it offers a high absorption of the acoustic field. In order not to undermine the performance of a properly designed plasterboard wall, particular attention will be given to the separation of the slabs with respect to the metal structure and the metal structure with respect to the structure by inserting suitable strips of resilient material (Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro and Isolmant Fascia Nastro) . The light walls also allow to improve the performance of an existing vertical partition, allowing the achievement of excellent results in terms of noise insulation to airborne noise: in this case we talk about the construction of a wall with warping and plasterboard or fibrous and maternal slabs insulation in cavity. To increase the effectiveness of the system it is possible to replace the second plasterboard sheet with IsolGypsum Telogomma or IsolGypsum Telogomma D+.

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