False ceilings and raised floors Insulation

light steel frame walls and false wall (False ceiling)

1 Wall
2 Metallic frame for false ceiling
3 False ceiling
4 Isolmant fiber panel (Perfetto CG or Perfetto RB)
5 Isolmant Setto Acustico (Fibra or CG)


The lack of insulation of a wall may also depend on the "lateral transmissions", i.e. the passage of the noise from the flanking paths which are the joints of the partition with the nearby walls. In presence of a suspended ceiling passing between two rooms, for example, it is necessary to extend the wall above the ceiling itself, up to the upper floor. Setto acustico Isolmant, cutted according to the cavity height between ceiling and floor, can stop the passage of sound from the upper joint, thus ensuring a better acoustic insulation between adiacent rooms.

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