Underscreed Insulation

Floating screed on bare floor slab

1. Floor slab

2. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro

3. Isolmant resilient mat (BiPlus or Super BiPlus)

4. Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant (Tecnica Reticolata or Tecnica Doppio Spessore)

5. Screed

6. Finishing


The "floating screed" solution is a technological system which consists in laying the screed on a resilient mat, better if on the leveling screed covering plants and pipe, but suitable also on the base slab if the total thickness of the floor is lacking. For single screed foating solution, mats must be coated to prevent damages to the elastic layer. While realizing this solution, extreme care is needed to avoid acoustic bridges that might be caused by pipes or rigid connections with the surrounding walls.

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