Underscreed Insulation

Floating screed on levelling layer

1. Floor Slab

2. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro

3. Flanking strips

4. Levelling layer

5. Isolmant resilient mat (Special or UnderPlus Black.E or UnderSpecial or BiPlus) 

6. Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant (Tecnica Doppio Spessore or Tecnica Reticolata)

7. Screed

8. Finishing


The "floating screed" solution is a technological system to provide the best impact (and airborne) sound insulation. It consists of a load bearing layer (sceed and finishing) completely disconnected from the other building elements through a resilient separating layer of Isolmant. To realize the "floating sceed" solution, thickness is needed, as the plants and the pipes must be accurately covered by the levelling screed, and the floating screed must be at least 5 to 7 cm thick, depending on the resilient mat.

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