Underlay Insulation

Floating flooring - wooden, laminate and LVT flooring

1 Floor slab
2 Isolmant flanking strip
3 Levelling layer
4 Isolmant resilient mat
5 Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant (Tecnica Reticolata or Tecnica Doppio Spessore)
6 Screed
7 Underlay IsolDrum (Silver or N or Film or St Blu or LVT or LVT Plus)
8 Floating wooden floor


The floating wooden flooring, or dry installation, is increasing polular thanks to its ease and efficacy. Isolmant IsolDrum producst are engineered mats which can combine acoustic, mechanical and  thermal characteristics both for floating wooden and laminate floorings. Isolmant IsolDrum mats meet the requirements of drum sound reduction and impact sound insulation, that is they reduce both reflected sound within the room, and transmitted sound into the room below. The floating floor solution is very useful in refurbishments thanks to its very low thickness.

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