Underscreed Insulation

Dry layed screed

1. Floor slab

2. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro

3. Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Doppio Spessore

4. Resilient mat Isolmant Fibra HD

5. Gypsum fiber board or OSB panel

6. Parquet


The "dry screed" solution best fits the need for acoustic insulation, when lightness and ease of installation are required. Dry screed solution is realized with panels of Isolmant Fibra HD layed on the slab, or on a panel covering the grainy screed. A flooring panel is then lyied dry on Fibra HD, to create a robust floor. With a wholly dry installation process, Isolmant Fibra HD maximises on-site efficiency. The dry solution is often used in wooden houses, and in refurbished or restauration in historical buindings.

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