Wooden Floor

Cross laminated timber (CLT) floor

1. Cross laminated CLT floor (X-LAM)

2. Resilient mat Isolmant Telogomma

3. Levelling layer

4. Gypsum fiber board 

5. Fascia Perimetrale Isolmant (Tecnica Reticolata o Tecnica Doppio Spessore)

6. Resilient Isolmant Fibra HD

7. Gypsum fiber board 

8. Glue wooden floor


The CTL / X-LAM panels are light and at the same time bending resistant elements: in order to achieve good sound insulation, therefore, technological solutions have to be used both over and under the wooden slab. The impact sound is reduced by realising a floating screed, with the superposition of massive screeds (dry or wet istalled) and resilient mats with low dynamic stiffness such as Isolmant products. With an acoustic false ceiling, also the low frequencis can be dramatically reduced.

Products used

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