Cavity Wall Insulation

Partitions with interspace

1. Plaster

2. Masonry in perforated bricks 12 cm.

3. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro (Standard o Strong)

4. Rinzaffo 

5. Fiber panel Isolmant Perfetto Special 30 mm.

5b. 2 cm. air gap

6. Isolmant Fascia Tagliamuro (Standard o Strong)

7. Masonry in perforated bricks 8 cm.

8. Plaster


The double or triple walls of separation between different housing units with interspace guarantee the best soundproofing to airborne noise, as they exploit the effect of mass together with the dissipative effect of the fibrous insulating material present inside them. Perfetto Special is an excellent acoustic absorber due to its morphological structure with differentiated density in thickness. In the version with Isolmant polyethylene coating, the panel also acts as a resilient material to improve acoustic attenuation at low frequencies. The Perfetto Special panel is also an excellent thermal insulation.
The choice of Fascia Tagliamuro Standard/Strong is based on the surface mass of the wall.

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