Underscreed Insulation

Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Doppio Spessore

Adhesive perimeter bands designed for an easy installation, made of a vertical part in 5 mm semi adhesive polyethylene to be applied to the wall and an horizontal one made of a 0,1 mm HDPE film with adhesive silicon paper on the lower side. Available in 28 cm (18 cm on the wall and 10 cm on the slab). These bands come with a screen-printed side with installation instructions. 

Application areas

To ensure the good functining of the floating floor, it is also essential to insulate the vertical surfaces of the flooring screed. To do this, as an alternative to the "fold" of the resilient layer, often difficult during construction, it is sufficient to apply Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale to the foot of the wall and around the perimeter.

Technical features

Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Doppio Spessore - 5 mm


Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Doppio Spessore

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