IsolTile AD for Volkswagen dealership

Inside the Volkswagen dealership in Monza (MB) there was the need to replace the flooring in the showroom, but the work had to be carried out in a few days to allow the normal running of the activity. The floor to be replaced - about 600 square meters - was a parquet laid with glue, which would have taken place a ceramic finish. The first type of intervention taken into consideration was the removal of the parquet, which would have followed the necessary leveling, but a first start of these operations immediately underlined that the times of the intervention would have been excessive. A luxury that the dealership of one of the most successful brands in the industry could not afford. The use of Isoltile AD as a layer of separation between the old parquet flooring and the new ceramic one, has allowed the solution of the timing problem, avoiding the disposal of the old flooring and allowing the construction of a drivable and safe system.
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