Isolmant has been a successful player in the construction market since 1976, initially offering soundproofing products and then adding their heat insulation line. A powerful and important presence, striving consistently for innovation in construction systems and products, the company has made significant contributions to introducing and maintaining concepts that today are highly esteemed and appreciated across the construction industry. Isolmant’s history is built on the passion and professionalism of the people whose intelligence and hard work have built the company’s reputation for over thirty years.

  • over 30 years of experience in the sector
  • over 70 produtcs in the range
  • 20 countries served in the world
  • 100.000.000 mq of horizontal insulation underlay sold
  • 7.000 mq of warehouse space
  • over 10 product innovations introduced to the market

Isolmant’s mission is to provide construction companies, designers and all kind of user, with a range of innovative solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation.


Isolmant swiftly introduces innovations that can meet the needs of the market while offering expertise and product quality that are guaranteed by its research and development work. This daily research is not only aware of new technology, but also anticipates it, thanks to an on-going collaboration with leading Italian universities and Italian and European research institutes. Its flexible production dynamics and the effectiveness of the technical and  production office make it possible to design customized products for third parties quickly.

Production and distribution
The driving force at Isolmant’s main facility is the production department, where most products are made. Experience and knowledge of the materials along with laboratory testing allows Isolmant to fine-tune products and systems with the characteristics they need to fulfill the parameters dictated by sound certifications in Italy and abroad. Alongside production is the logistical center, and from there products are delivered within Italy, to Europe,and the world.

Technical office
Consistently committed to researching the products of tomorrow, Isolmant’s technical office works daily in the field for the products of today, side by side with the designer, the company, or the end client, to help each make the choice that best fits their needs. By phone or email, staff will respond to every technical request, often immediately, or within 24 hours at most. A complete service supporting proper construction.

Support and consulting
Isolmant consultants provide global support to professionals in the sector, from the design phase through to laying and support for the final installation to assess the installed performance of the products. Technical support is also flanked by sales support: Isolmant’s sales network has a presence  throughout Italy and also abroad, providing support to its distributors during each phase of the sales process.

Marketing and communication
Isolmant’s Marketing Office serves the market to contribute to cultural growth in the sector and help professionals comply with current legislation by organizing in-depth training courses, seminars, and meetings. Isolmant’s marketing materials are organized to be clear and complete so that dealers and businesses can have the entire Isolmant world at their fingertips, with complete technical specifications and laying methods explained simply, every step of the way.